How to Buy a Baseball Pitching Mound

We have several different types of portable baseball pitching mounds available, but most commonly they break down to three categories: Game Mounds, Practice Mounds and Practice Pitching Platforms. 
  • Matt Kiley

What are the Benefits of Arm Style Pitching Machines?

Arm style pitching machines are the “Big Boys” of the pitching machine world. What I mean by this is they are the biggest, bulkiest, and heaviest of all the pitching machines. They typically weigh over 600 pounds and are encased in steel cages. Very durable and rugged and are built to last! They are typically also the most expensive pitching machines on the market. Just because they are the highest price tag doesn’t mean they are the best fit for every situation.
  • Matt Kiley

Coaching: Baseball & Softball Pitcher Safety

At Instant Baseball, we are owned and operated by Coaches and Athletes that are active with sports in our community. Recently, it came to our attention that the Iowa High School Athletic Association announced a new pitch count policy for baseball that will go in to effect next season. 
  • Matt Kiley

Product Review: Sports Tutor TriplePlay Ultra Pitching Machine

The Sports Tutor TriplePlay Ultra Pitching Machine is the “Ultimate” Pitching Machine on the market today. Unlike other Pitching Machines, the Sports Tutor TriplePlay Ultra is dynamic and can simulate almost any pitch AS WELL AS the unpredictability of a real pitcher and the type of pitch a batter will see. 
  • Matt Kiley

What is the Best Pitching Machine to Buy?

Today, Pitching machines can be a very important part of a coaches or parents’ practice with their players or children. Experienced baseball and softball players use these machines to hone their swinging technique or defensive skills and can learn to hit all types of breaking balls with effectiveness on these powerful machines.
  • Matt Kiley

Major League Baseball Spring Training

Professional baseball unofficially begins with the annual spring training camps. The regular baseball season doesn’t officially begin until Opening Day, which typically occurs the first week of April, however before that iconic day there is usually six weeks of training that help determine how the official baseball season will go.
  • Matt Kiley