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Product Review: Accubat Baseball & Softball Coaches’ Helper


Spring Training is the time of the year to find practice aids to improve your game. The Accubat baseball and softball training aid is an innovative instructional tool that provides quality fielding repetitions for both baseball and softball players with reduced impact on coaches and parents. Hit grounders, fly balls and line drives accurately. 

The Accubat Fungo bat is available in two models, the Pro Model and Coaches’ Helper, to suit every training need. Perfect for backyards and ballparks alike, this versatile baseball & softball training aid enables instructors of all abilities to hit grounders, pop-ups, and line drives consistently and accurately every time!

Use Accubat for more efficient practices, with less wasted time and more repetitions for players. Accubat helps to increase fielding percentages and reduce costly errors on the field, and provides for hours of enjoyment within a controlled training environment. Build skills while having fun!

Visit our training aid section to see our full line of innovative baseball and softball products, including our popular Accubat Pro. 

Warm up tips for the Accubat Fungo Bat: 

Warm-ups should include stretching exercises the increase body temperature to allow you to move freely. Stretching should be done both before and after workouts. In baseball or softball it’s best to get your arm warmed up by playing catch with teammates. Start close and slowly move apart. 

It’s also important for coaches to have at least a simple outline of a practice plan: 

Warm up – 10 minutes – stretching and jogging up to 400 yards

Drills and review of basic skills – 25 minutes – Fielding drills with Accubat

Teach new skills – 15 minutes – Position players to field ball in air or ground

Play & practice – 20 minutes 

Cool down – 10 minutes – Stretching and jogging 

How to use the Accubat Fungo Bat:

Stand with your shoulders in line with direction you wish the ball to go. 

Hold the Accubat so the logo side faces your target This will help insure good and consistent contact with the ball. 

Hold the ball like a badminton birdie. Do not toss it like you would with a regular bat and ball. 

Keep your “batting arm” relatively straight when swinging. You can determine the altitude or flight path by tilting the bat up or down, or simply swing straight. 

Follow through with your swing. You can determine the attitude or flight path by tilting the bat up or down, or simply swing straight. 

While the Accubat does resemble a tennis racquet, it is not designed to function like one. Th netting has elasticity in it which does the work for you! Simply strike the ball “out of” your hand or glove without a big toss of the ball. 

The Accubat is strictly for fielding practice. Most parents would like to help their children with their drills and practice routines, but some lack the skills necessary. the Accubat allows anyone, even kids, to aid the practice of fielding. 

The accuracy the accurate offers will save you immeasurable practice time. Traditional bats fail to offer consistent accuracy, especially when it comes to pop-ups. With the Accubat, pop-ups are a breeze for the professional and the novice alike. 

The Accubat is a coaching tool and is not designed to hit the ball so far that you are not in coaching range. The Accubat will allow you to hit a variety of game situations and still be able to coach the player.  

The Unique design of the Accubat allows you to practice in the smallest back yard or park. The Accubat comes with a 100% 6 month frame warranty and a lifetime limited warranty of the frame.

If you have any questions or would like to purchase an Accubat, please feel free to contact one of our customer service representatives at 800-297-0747. 

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  • Matt Kiley