Arm Style Pitching Machines: Iron Mike

The Iron Mike series of commercial pitching machines from manufacturer Master Pitching Machine are widely recognized as some of the best arm pitching machines on the market. A favorite for High School, College and Major League Baseball organizations, the Iron Mike machine is perfect for any batting cage setup to achieve maximum reps for players of all ages and skill levels. Iron Mike is THE name in Arm Style Pitching Machines.
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Cimarron Sports Big Spring Sale!

Although many of us are still digging out of snow, spring is here! 

To help kick off spring in a big way Cimarron is offering several items at a discount for our Big Spring Sale! This sale will run from April 11th-May 31st.

Use code SpringSale at checkout for an additional 10% off some of our favorite Cimarron Sports products.
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BATA Baseball Frequently Asked Questions

BATA Baseball provide some the finest quality pitching machines on the market, look no further. Every machine is hand assembled in the US to our exacting standards.
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Hitting 101 – The Load and Stride

The load of a hitters swing is the transfer of weight to the back leg and the stretch of the hands back. The load is a vital part of the hitters swing; it is the start of the swing that builds up our body’s tension to be released on the baseball.
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First Pitch Pitching Machine Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions for our First Pitch Pitching Machines!
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What Baseball or Softball Should I Use With My Pitching Machine?

Pitching Machine Balls: Regulation size pitching machine balls are designed to deliver a very constant pitch and have better wear factors than any other type of ball when used in pitching machines. Unique Sports carries a full line of pitching machine balls to cover every need for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Matt Kiley