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Why Choose Jugs?


      Jugs is one of the most recognizable names in the baseball industry. Jugs was founded in 1971 by John Paulson. His original goal was to develop and build a pitching machine that would help his two sons become better hitters. He then found that the product he had produced needed to be advertised and created for all to use. Little did he know what this would turn into. Jugs now manufactures a variety of products from pitching machines, field screens, and even football machines. They have grown their name from just a pitching machine to being a producer of all types of field equipment.
     Jugs has developed all kinds of equipment and has always kept quality in mind. Jugs produces only the highest quality goods. In 1981 John Paulson was invited to the world series to use the original Jugs radar gun. The Radar gun used during that game is now on display at the baseball hall of fame in Cooperstown, New York. The fact that the MLB invited Paulson to use his technology at the world series shows how appreciated the brand is in this industry.


     1997 was when Jugs first introduced the instant screen. This was a revolutionary product at the time and was the first in the industry for a portable hitting screen. In the early 2000s, when I played youth baseball, I remember seeing every team using one of these screens. Jugs produced this screen for many years, and it became one of the best-known screens at the time. 

    In 2003 Jugs introduced the Lite-Flite pitching machine. This product took a fun and powerful machine and made it affordable. In addition, they made this machine lightweight and able to be used in all environments, from indoor and outdoor use. For example, when I played youth baseball, we use to set this up for our indoor practices, and we were able to take a game like BP in a gym without damaging anything. This machine made it so we could see game-like speeds and can throw pitches such as sliders and curveballs.

     In 2018 Jugs then released one of the most revolutionary products to date—the Jugs BP3. The BP3 is capable of throwing every pitch that you could imagine. In addition, the BP3 has a programable mode that allows you to switch each pitch at the touch of a button. This feature made it so you could recreate game-like counts and enable hitters to see pitches and relate them to game-like scenarios. The BP3 also has hitting circuits where it will randomly select a pitch and throw it. This machine is a revolutionary piece of equipment and has changed pitching machines forever.

    Jugs has changed the game when it comes to field equipment and products. They have been changing the industry, and you can count on Jugs to have the highest quality product available. This brand has been trusted at all levels and in all stages. At Instant Baseball, we are glad to sell such a quality product that we know our customers will love for many years. Check out our full Jugs collection on our website and find out what sets Jugs apart from the rest!

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