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Product Review: Pitch Pro Baseball Pitching Mounds and Mound Guide


In need of high quality portable pitching mounds but don't know where to start? Look no further than the Pitch Pro Baseball Pitching Mounds and Platforms from Aeroform Athletics! Located in Kansas City, Missouri Pitch Pro provide some of the highest quality pitching mounds and platforms on the market with guaranteed quality as well as a 5 year warranty. 

Baseball Pitching Mounds are a must have for youth baseball leagues and can often cause some confusion on what size, stride length, distance and other factors are needed or even required by leagues and coaches. We receive a lot of questions from our customers not only looking for a mound that is the right shape and size, but one that will last. That’s why we are happy to provide a variety of different baseball pitching mounds, from brands like Pitch Pro to fit any and all needs. From practice to game mounds, Pitch Pro offers a 5 year warranty on all mound and platform cores constructed of a fiberglass/resin and made right here in the USA. Pitch Pro also features high quality turf, available in both clay and green colors with 100% UV protection, a pitching rubber and launch pad. 

One question we receive over and over again are from customers looking to confirm the quality of this turf and if metal cleats can be used. The fact is, metal cleats will take a toll on even the most resistant turf after repeated use. That’s why our manufacturers, including Pitch Pro, recommend a plastic or rubber cleat over metal. Plastic cleats will ensure several more years of life out of the mound. 

Pitch Pro Pitching Mounds can be used both indoors and out and are perfect for use from a backyard batting cage to league play. To determine the mound your youth league can use, find out what dimensions are required or recommended before you receive complaints from the other teams coach or the umpire. 

Pitch Pro offers baseball game mounds with heights of 6”, 8” and 10”. A quick snapshot of the Pitch Pro game mounds can help determine what mound is right for you: 

MODEL 465 (Most popular among youth coaches) 

Size: 4’x6’x6″

Recommended for: 9-14

Pitching Distance: 46′ – 54’

Weight: 65 lbs



Size: 4’x8’x6″

Recommended for: 9-14

Stride Length 68″

Pitching Distance 50’-54′

Weight: 115 lbs



Size: 7’x9’x6″

Recommended for: 9-14

Stride Length 70″

Pitching Distance 50’-57′

Weight: 220 lbs



Size: 7’x10’x8″

Recommended for: 9-14

Stride Length 76″

Pitching Distance 54’-57′

Weight: 280 lbs


MODEL 8121

Size: 8’x12’x10″ (Full Size)

Recommended for: 14+

Stride Length 81″

Pitching Distance 60’6″

Weight: 325 lbs


Pitch Pro also offers replacement accessories such as launch pads and turf repair kits to ensure that any Pitch Pro mound will last for years of league use. To confirm any additional details on a Pitch Pro mound, please feel free to call one of our pitching mound experts at 800-297-0747.

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  • Matt Kiley