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Why Should I Buy A JUGS Pitching Machine?

If you do research on pitching machines you are going to quickly notice that JUGS is not the cheapest machine out there. This often brings up the question, “Why should I spend the extra money to buy a JUGS machine?” You need to understand why JUGS machines are more expensive in order to make the decision if a JUGS machine is right for you. Part of the reason they are more expensive is their prestigious history. Below is a little bit of the JUGS history.


The first JUGS product, a curveball pitching machine, has become the most revolutionary training aid for all phases of the game of baseball. JUGS developed the machine more than 40 years ago and began a revolution in baseball and softball training. JUGS has gone on to develop machines for other sports, however their bread-and-butter remains baseball and softball pitching machines.

But JUGS is more than a pitching machine. Fielding practice has been greatly improved by using a JUGS to throw grounders, pop-ups, and flies to infielders, outfielders, and even catchers. JUGS is also great for simulating game-like conditions and aiding in pre-season tryouts.

It is a staggering fact that ninety-four percent of all baseball players entering professional baseball in the last thirty years have helped develop their skills with the help of JUGS at some point in their life!

In a very short time, almost all college national championship teams and contenders, as well as state high school champions, were using JUGS. Word spread quickly among baseball coaches about how JUGS was helping build championship teams. Articles in trade magazines sang its praises. Sports Illustrated covered the machine on three different occasions and predicted that JUGS would revolutionize baseball. The recognition of JUGS reached its zenith when Paulson appeared on national TV to demonstrate the machine with ”Mr. October,” Reggie Jackson.

Today, over 105,000 teams use a JUGS machine at their practices. In fact, the most widely used pitching machines in the world are made by JUGS.

As you can see, JUGS has a long and prestigious history. Though the history of JUGS contributes to its cost, it is more reflective of the high quality which these machines are made. With 40 years of precision tuning under their belt, JUGS has created an extremely reliable and hard-working machine that often lasts decades. JUGS also has great customer service and a 5 year warranty. If you were to ever have problems with your JUGS machine, the JUGS customer service department is always responsive and willing to go the extra mile for you to make the situation right. This, coupled with their 5 year warranty, almost guarantees that if you are not happy with your JUGS machine they will do everything possible to make the situation right. This can’t be said for all pitching machine companies.

Lastly, JUGS has some features on their machines that make their price more understandable. With JUGS patented and exclusive Dial-A-Pitch® feature, you can change pitches and speeds by simply turning a dial. Imagine wanting your child to work on seeing a 75 MPH curveball like they might see against that top notch pitcher in your conference. With JUGS Dial-A-Pitch® it is as simple as turning a dial to that and that is the pitch they will see. The same cannot be said for most pitching machines. Further, JUGS, patented “gooseneck” design allows it to throw a variety of curveballs and sliders simulating both right-handed and left-handed pitchers at a very realistic release point.

JUGS machines can be up to 50% higher than other pitching machines in some situations, however you need to weigh quality of JUGS when making a serious investment like this. You are almost guaranteed that if you purchase a JUGS machine you will be happy or JUGS will do everything in their power to make you happy. JUGS is top of the line for their features and have come up with many innovations over the past four decades that have put them on top of the pitching machine world!

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  • Matt Kiley