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Product Review: Sports Tutor TriplePlay Ultra Pitching Machine


The Sports Tutor TriplePlay Ultra Pitching Machine is the “Ultimate” Pitching Machine on the market today. Unlike other Pitching Machines, the Sports Tutor TriplePlay Ultra is dynamic and can simulate almost any pitch AS WELL AS the unpredictability of a real pitcher and the type of pitch a batter will see. 

No longer will batters swing at every pitch from the pitching machine. Simulate live pitching with the simple 3 step programming control center. Program up to 64 pitches at one time with pitch discrimination, a mixture of balls and strikes that makes batters think as they would in any real game situation. 

The Sports Tutor TriplePlay Ultra throws a number of different pitches that can be consistent or changed every 7 seconds with manual or automatic pitch control. Throw fastballs up to 90 MPH and curveballs up to 75 MPH with sliders and change-ups mixed in. 

Any pitch, any order, any time. The TriplePlay Ultra simulates game situations while also giving players maximum reps. The hopper features an 80-ball baseball capacity and throws real leather or dimpled practice balls. Coaches or players can change speeds on the fly and create fastballs in and out of the zone, breaking balls at different times randomly in the set. Players can work with the TriplePlay Ultra for years without seeing the same combination of pitches in one set.  

The Sports Tutor TriplePlay Ultra allows batters to work above game speed and develop early pitch recognition skills which is a key element to becoming a great hitter. 

Sequenced lights replicate the arm of a pitcher and help the batter work on timing, an undervalued and extremely important aspect of hitting. The light and sound indicators are also important for safety warning any unprepared batters and eliminating an element of fear that can come with hitting at a young age. 

Arm Machines and other top of the line pitching machines are often limited by their size and weight. The TriplePlay Ultra features extra large transport wheels making it easy to take from the batting cage to the field of play. 

These are just a few of the reasons why the Sports Tutor TriplePlay Ultra is one of, if not our most popular collegiate and professional level pitching machine. Perfect for commercial use or teams at almost any level to develop and get the best of every baseball or softball player. 

The Sports Tutor TriplePlay Ultra is a programmable pitching machine that can mix pitch types and speeds with each pitch automatically as often as every 8 seconds. There are eight different programs available to help customize batting practice for different hitters. Auto Pitch modes include “Repeat, Sequence & Random”.

With the multi-wheel design, the TriplePlay Ultra can throw a variety of different pitches including fastballs, curveballs, sinkers, sliders and more all of which can be programmed for pitch discrimination drills. 

With a speed range of 40 to 90 mph and a combination of different pitches, the TriplePlay Ultra is the best pitching machine available at simulating opposing pitchers for more realistic practices. 

Programming is easy for parents and coaches taking less than 30 seconds per pitch and can be stored for future use. 

Much like arm pitching machines that replicate the movement of a pitchers arm, the pre-pitch beep & light sequence on the TriplePlay Ultra help the batter time pitches.

The Sports Tutor TriplePlay Ultra truly is a major league machine in a lightweight and easy to use design. Backed with a two year warranty, the Sports Tutor TriplePlay is the perfect machine for players of all ages and skill levels! 

If you have any questions on our Sports Tutor TriplePlay Ultra Pitching Machine, please feel free to contact one of our pitching machine experts at 800-297-0747.


  • Pitch Speed – 40 to 90 MPH
  • Recommended balls – 9″ Low Seam Real Baseballs
  • Auto Pitch Modes – Repeat, Sequence, Random
  • Programmability – 64 pitches in 8 programs
  • Ball Exit Height – 50″ to 60″ adjustable
  • Dimensions – 30″W x 32″D x 62″-72″H
  • Weight – 190 Pounds
  • Power – 115V grounded outlet
  • Warranty – 2 years

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  • Matt Kiley