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Product Review: Athlonic Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss Machine


One of our most popular products at Instant Baseball is the Athlonic Sports Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss Pitching Machine. Located in Utah, Athlonic manufactures innovative yet affordable baseball and softball training products with a focus on quality over quantity. With The Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss Pitching Machine, Zip Net, and Hurricane Net, Athlonic features a combination of products designed to be used together to develop hitters year round. 

Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss Machine

The Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss Pitching Machine is our most popular Soft Toss Machine. The Wheeler Dealer can be used for a number of baseball or softball drills to help with the fundamentals of a swing. 

Soft toss machines, and the wheeler dealer in particular, allow for a number of repetitions in a short period of time. With two knobs to adjust height and interval speed the machine can adjust for any and every hitter. The Wheeler Dealer eliminates the need for coaches or parents tossing balls to the hitters while also providing a consistent ball to hit. 

The kneeling quick wrist drill isolates the body and results in quicker hand and bat speed. Set the ball at a low height with a rapid interval between pitches for an easy but effective hitting drill. 

The rhythm drill is another drill to work on the very important timing and balance of a hitter. Set the ball at waist height with the fastest interval possible (one ball per second) to create a good rhythm and a lot of reps. 

The Zip Net

The combination of the Athlonic Wheeler dealer and Zip Net allows players to practice their swing indoors during the winter or when the weather is not cooperating. Made in the USA and easy to install in a garage or basement, the Zip Net is designed like a shower curtain to slide out of the way when not in use. The Zip Net can also be used for other sports like Soccer and will last for years. 

The Hurricane Sports Net 

The Hurricane Sports Net is similar to the Zip Net but is designed to be used with the Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss outdoors. With easy to use push button assembly, the Hurricane Sports Net is easy to transport from home to ball field and spikes into the ground for a sturdy, reliable hitting station. 

The Athlonic line of products is the perfect alternative to expensive institutional batting cages. With very little space needed, an Athlonic Net (Zip, Hurricane) and Athlonic Wheeler Dealer can turn any garage or backyard into the perfect place to practice. If you have any additional questions on any Athlonic products, please feel free to contact us at 800-297-0747 and speak to one of our product specialists. 

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  • Matt Kiley