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Batting Cage Backdrop With Pitcher's Trainer By JUGS

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Give your pitcher something to throw at and protect your cage net at the same time!

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The JUGS Sports Backdrop And Pitcher's Trainer serves as a target for pitching practice while simultaneously protecting the investment you made in your batting cage. It helps prolong your batting cage's life by protecting the rear section of your net. It is a "two-fer", a target for a pitcher if they throwing live batting practice in the cage and a backstop for those hard-pitched balls.
Sku: A0010
Vendor: JUGS
  • Unique J-L design makes an excellent training aid for pitchers
  • Waterproof for use indoors or out
  • Extend the life of your batting cage net
  • Easy to install and is waterproof.
  • Compatible with indoor and outdoor use
  • This Backdrop and Pitcher's Trainer come FREE with the purchase of any
  • JUGS Batting Cage Netting.
There is no better way to protect your investment than by purchasing this batting cage backdrop. There is only 1 spot in a batting cage where balls hit repeatedly. The back of the net. This is a great way to ensure that your investment is protected and adds a great backdrop for pitchers.