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instant tee practice in the garage with Muhl Tech
instant tee practice in the garage with Muhl Tech
instant tee practice in the garage with Muhl Tech
instant tee practice in the garage with Muhl Tech
instant tee practice in the garage with Muhl Tech
instant tee practice in the garage with Muhl Tech
instant tee practice in the garage with Muhl Tech
instant tee practice in the garage with Muhl Tech
instant tee practice in the garage with Muhl Tech
instant tee practice in the garage with Muhl Tech
instant tee practice in the garage with Muhl Tech
instant tee practice in the garage with Muhl Tech
instant tee practice in the garage with Muhl Tech
instant tee practice in the garage with Muhl Tech
instant tee practice in the garage with Muhl Tech
instant tee practice in the garage with Muhl Tech
instant tee practice in the garage with Muhl Tech
instant tee practice in the garage with Muhl Tech
instant tee practice in the garage with Muhl Tech
instant tee practice in the garage with Muhl Tech

instant tee practice in the garage with Muhl Tech

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Instantly convert your garage or driveway into a proper place to practice! With the innovative hitting curtain by Hit It! and the popular baseball training tee from Muhl Tech.

This Baseball Practice Package Includes:
  • The Hit It! Net
  • Advanced Skills Batting Tee
  • Pitch Location Mat
  • 3 Muhl Balls

The Muhl Tech Advanced Skills Tee (AST) is far more than just a tee, it is a highly effective training aid, and unlike any other tee or swing trainer available. Muhl Tech designed the Advanced Skills Tee to help experienced players perfect their bat skills and beginning players to learn proper mechanics, a forward arm and outside swing barrier simultaneously eliminate both "dipping" and "casting". The height-adjustable (24"-40") movable arm positions the ball anywhere across the strike zone to realistically represent inside and outside pitch locations.

By using the AST, the player can focus on building a compact swing, keeping the "hands inside the ball" and developing a "quick" bat. Hitting the ball off of this tee helps to increase bat speed and teach the hitter to "hit the ball where it's pitched".

The "forward arm" is key to this tee's design because a batter does not hit the ball over the center of the plate (as traditional batting tees suggest). Contact is made in front of the plate, which the AST simulates. The forward arm of the AST eliminates "dipping" or dropping the hands and trailing shoulder to lift the ball with a "looping" type swing. If you "dip" with the AST, you hit the back of the arm. It forces you to take the bat straight down to the ball, leveling the swing at the point of contact. The forward arm also pivots and rotates to place the ball on the inside or outside of the strike zone. Then, the arm points in the direction to drive the ball based on pitch location (i.e. pull the inside pitch, go with the outside pitch to the opposite field, etc.) 

The outside barrier of the tee eliminates "casting". It keeps the hitter form swinging "long" and helps "keep the hands inside the ball". If the bat or arms are extended prematurely the bat head will slap the flexible upright barrier post. For years coaches have set a tee adjacent to a fence or screen to force hitters to compact their swing. The outside barrier does the same thing except it is a lot more effective..and you can work on this skill in your driveway..no fence or screen required. The barrier rotates around the tee to accommodate LH or RH hitters and it moves along with the forward arm to help the batter keep the hands "tight" when working on inside and outside pitch locations. With the outside barrier, the hitter is forced to rotate the hips and torso and extend the hands only at the point of contact. It produces a "quick" bat and more power as well.

The tubing for the AST is molded from polyurethane, using an open casting process. Polyurethane is a flexible material like rubber; however, polyurethane is much stronger and more durable than rubber (as much as 10 times more durable!). Wheels for roller blades, industrial rollers, and dimpled pitching machine balls are among the many items typically made with urethane. It's a great material for products that must withstand impact and stress yet remain flexible. Urethanes are expensive, and while the AST may cost more than a traditional rubber tee, it is guaranteed to last 10 times longer too. The hollow, canteen-style base can be filled with sand or water and sealed with a rubber plug; when empty, the tee is lightweight for easy storage and transport.

This is especially a great training tee for youth players. Every single youth baseball and softball player will benefit and learn from this tee. In the days of home runs and launch angle, this tee will bring back the skill of line drives, base hits, and batting average. Every kid needs to learn how to get on base and learn the games of baseball or softball once they do. Hitting home runs is great, being a good player is better.

The replaceable cup brush accommodates softballs, baseballs, or poly-balls, and delivers a clean "swish" through the ball without transferring any shock to the bat or hands. Batting practice will be safer, easier, and more effective with this premium tee.

We have included the Pitch Location Mat, which was specifically designed for use with the Muhl Tech Advanced Skills Tee. The thick rubber Pitch Location Mat allows you to actually "see" where to make contact and where to drive the ball based on pitch location. The mat can be used (and is marked for) both left-handed and right-handed players. It also doubles as a throw down plate/mat for live arm and soft toss hitting drills.

Any package featuring training tools from Muhl Tech would be incomplete without their signature training aid, the Muhl Ball! The Muhl Ball is being used by some of the top hitting instructors around the world as part of their training lessons and practice plans. These heavyweight training balls are designed to help develop power hitting by building strength in the forearms and wrists. They have proven to increase “ball exit speed” and encourages hitters to enforce strong hip rotation, a major key to hitting with power and authority. The balls absorb impact without recoil and force hitters to be more precise with contact, which is also a key in developing power in hitting.The idea of a Muhl ball is to teach a batter to hit the ball as hard as they can, which will help develop ball exit speed and power off the bat. If you hit the Muhl Balls with a weak grip or do not swing the bat hard, the balls will not go anywhere. Ball speed exit velocity off the bat is a new buzz term with scouts used as one of the criteria to measure the swing.  This is an important metric to track because If the ball speed exit velocity off the bat can be increased by 5 MPH the ball will travel an extra 25 feet!

When the bat makes contact with a pitched ball, the bat flexes. The flex of the bat is something that cannot be controlled or eliminated, however, the flex in the hands can be. The weaker the hands and forearms are, the more "give" there is, translating into a weak or "mushy" hit. Increase the strength in the forearms and wrists and naturally, the flex will be reduced, translating into more powerful hits. That's what the Muhl Balls will help you accomplish.

This ubiquitous red ball is used in countless programs across the country to help players of all skill levels develop hitting power. The Muhl Balls teach hitters to be strong through contact and encourage strong hip rotation. Muhl Balls weigh 1 lb. and are 20" in circumference (by comparison, a volleyball is 27" in circumference). The balls are made of light foam and coated with flexible polyurethane, built to absorb bat impact and force hitters to be more precise with contact

Muhl Balls are one of the best power training options for baseball and softball when it comes to portability and easily fit into most equipment and duffle bags. Hitters on all levels want to hit the ball with more power, but power training on the go isn't always a realistic option because of space and time. These balls are the solution to both of those problems. 

Since they are a spongy type of ball and do not travel very far they can be used about anywhere. The easiest and most common use of the balls is to use them during tee work, and they work exceptionally well with the AST. Just take some reps with the Muhl Balls, and give your regular baseballs some time off. The balls provide instant feedback, as they will not travel much distance if proper bat speed isn’t being generated. They can also be used with the soft toss drill to replace the regular baseball or softball.

Each ball is made by hand to precise specifications. The poly coating is an extremely tear-resistant elastic synthetic polymer; the same material used in pitching machine balls. Muhl Balls also absorb bat impact extremely well, reducing bat recoil often associated with inflatable balls. Muhl Balls can be used with wood bats, aluminum bats or even a Muhl Training Bat.

To complete the package, we have selected the hitting curtain from Hit It!, the perfect companion to the Muhl Tech Advanced Skills Tee (AST). The Hit it! Net is the ultimate baseball practice and training net designed to be used conveniently at home. It is designed to fit a standard garage door opening size of 16' wide by 7' tall and assembles and disassembles in minutes. This high impact netting is designed to stop a ball at top speed with limited recoil but not rebound the ball back towards the user. The surface area of the Hit it!

The netting system comes complete with low profile mounting brackets that attach directly to the opening of the garage door and also includes quick connect fasteners for attaching the net to the mounting brackets.

This package will help grow a player's confidence as they hone their technique, develop proper mechanics, build strength and help the player hit it harder!


Muhl Balls

  • Pack of 3
  • 20" circumference
  • 1 pound each
  • Polyurethane coated foam ball
Hit It! Net
  • 16’ wide by 7’ tall
  • Mounting brackets
  • Quick connect fasteners
  • Mounting brackets included
  • The border has brass 3/8” grommets
  • Tightly woven knotless nylon
  • Sewn webbing border
  • #30 Leadline weighted bottom
Muhl Tech AST
  • Adjustable (24"-40")
  • Polyurethane Tube Frame
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Comes in 4 lightweight pieces
  • Extremely portable, lightweight, and durable
  • Easily put together and taken apart
  • Can be taken anywhere, from the backyard to games
  • No need for a coach (don't tell him we said that)
  • Both the Forward Arm and Outside Barrier give immediate feedback

Pitch Location Mat

  • Made of 1/4" thick solid rubber material
  • Molded graphics to reduce wear.