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JUGS Polyethylene #8 Cage Nets Net Only (55' x 11' x 11')

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If you are looking for a quality designed batting cage net the JUGS Cage #8 Polyethylene: 55' L x 11' W x 11' H (Frame Sold Separately) net is a perfect fit.

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Sku: N8100
Vendor: JUGS
All JUGS Batting Cage Nets come with a Hitter’s Door for easy in-and-out access. JUGS Batting Cage Net #8: Our most popular backyard cage! Twisted Knotted Black Polyethylene: #42 Twisted Knotted Black Polyethylene - Best choice for backyards & youth leagues. #60 Twisted Knotted Black Polyethylene - Best choice for backyards, youth leagues, high schools & colleges. Purchase 1 of Cage #8 Polyethylene: 55' L x 11' W x 11' H and get: 1 Backdrop and Pitcher's Trainer For free!
JUGS has been making top of the line batting cage nets for the last three decades and has sold over 80,000 batting cage nets. This easily makes JUGS the industry leader in batting cage nets. JUGS has been able to accomplish this because of two factors: 1) Their netting is the longest-lasting netting of its kind and 2) They are the finest quality nets for the price. This is also the reason the biggest block of JUGS nets customers are repeat customers. Don't sacrifice the quality of JUGS for short term savings. FEATURES Twisted Knotted Black Polyethylene Nets are hung on the square and are designed specifically for baseball and softball use. All JUGS nets come with a JUGS Hitter’s Door for easy in-and-out access. Knotted nets have a higher overall strength and durability rating making them superior for direct impact sports like baseball and softball. Polyethylene netting doesn’t absorb water—perfect for wet or humid hot climates­—This is the best protection to prevent rotting. All JUGS nets are black and offer the best protection from the affects of sunlight—the darker the color, the greater the UV deflection. We incorporate the industries highest UV protection. JUGS netting is hydraulically depth stretched to improve knot tightness and reduce stretching and shrinking over time.